Clay and thread

These early experimental pieces have been inspired by the bobbin on a sewing machine, taking the idea of the thread being wound round the bobbin and applying this to clay using wool.

Clay macquette 1                     Clay macquette 2

These pieces have just had one bisque firing so far. A further glaze firing will be next.




On this piece below I dipped the wool in oxide before winding it round the form and added some sgraffito marks, to reference the thread being wound round the bobbin. You can just see a trace of the wool under the cream slip if you look carefully! Once the piece has been fired the wool will burn out leaving a trace of thread around the form.

DSC_0080                     DSC_0082

These pieces were then covered in a transparent honey glaze, similar to that used on traditional North Devon slipware and to the honey glaze used on the two harvest jugs I decorated below.

Harvest jugs


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